Real Women

Martha Rodman

I hope this publication will be an encouragement to all women who are involved in any level of ministry to the body of Christ. Some of you pastor churches, some of you CO-pastor with your husband while some of you simply consider yourselves, “Pastors Wives“. Some of you are leaders in various ministries in the local church. We have women who are involved in traveling ministries, while others are in international mission works. God has His women doing a variety of jobs for His Kingdom’s sake!

Why the title "REAL Women"?

The title comes from my sincere belief that God uses ordinary vessels to do extraordinary things! To become a woman God can use to the fullest extent, we must first be REAL.

This is a process. The longer we walk with God and allow His Holy Spirit to work within our lives the more completed we become in whom He desires us to be!

A REAL individual is one who is authentic, one who is genuine, honest, sincere and true to herself and her God. As God leads, instructs and fashions us we become more comfortable with who we really are-and not who we might think we should be.

If we are to make a impact on those around us, we must become Relevant (definition: having significant and demonstrable bearing on the matter at hand). As Jesus makes a significant and demonstrable difference in our everyday lives-then others will be able to see how He can make a significant and demonstrable difference in their everyday lives (which is influence).

When we don’t know what else to do, or how else to help, we can always seek to be Encouraging (definition: to inspire with courage, spirit or hope). This is greatly needed in our society today.

Women who are Alive to the spirit of God and His dealings in and through us. We must develop a sensitivity to hearing His voice and obeying that voice.

Finally we need to be Lionhearted women - women who are strong in faith and have their weaponry polished and are familiar with its use. Growing in this area is not always a “fun” thing-but is most necessary if we are to accomplish His calling in our lives.

We will be talking more about these concepts in the issues.

The origins and designs of REAL Women

In the summer of 1998, Darryl approached me with the concept of writing a special letter, just for you. An encouraging word to those who have been standing in place for a long time-but which would help to meet the needs of many women trying to find their place in the body of Christ. Some of you are in your position because your husband was called into the ministry after you married and you feel like you are playing “catch up. Maybe you are struggling with or wondering is it his call...or is it my call...or is it our call? Most of you are wives and mothers as well as being involved in ministry. You may be just starting your journey into ministry and are trying to chart your way, or you may be an “old timer” and have wonderful input and faith -filled testimonies to share with your sisters in Christ. Others may be weary and need refreshing to continue their journey. All of your lives are full but I also know you are desiring to grow in your relationship with God. I don’t have all the answers-neither do I even know all the questions that you may be asking...but my desire is to provide a format that will be an encouragement to each of you and that it provide an interactive opportunity to help you encourage your sisters in Christ!

Interactive in that I have provided a dialog with space given for letters, comments and other ideas. We have a vision for encouraging the whole woman- physically, spiritually and emotionally with practical suggestions, that hopefully are God ideas, not just good ideas, sharing together God’s answers to life’s real problems, challenges and opportunities. We declare we serve a REAL God in a REAL world-that has REAL wisdom for us to discover.

I am including prayer requests and a place to share answers to prayer! How much of the interactive part of this vision is fulfilled will be determined on how much response is given from you! I randomly asked different ladies we ministered with this summer about their desire for this format and everyone went YES!, so here we are.
Martha Rodman