the role of the church in the healing process of nations

God has given the key to the church thereby appointing the church as a key player, what ever you shall bing on earth shall be bound in heaven and what ever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven, jesus our lord and savior later told the disciples you are te light of the earth and its salt, through the church, nations shall be healed, families shall be restored, deliverance will take place, resurrection power of our lord and savior Jesus christ through the Holy spirit will be at work. The most controversial side of the today's church is that the church is neither salt nor light and has taken the back seet in everyting happenning today in the nations and the whole world, It has to be healed first before it impart healing to Nations, the church which is the universal body of christ made on believers who are born again , blood washed , holy ghost filled got to arise and shine and reposition its self, get impowerd and equipped for the purpose. as the scriptures say the all world is waiting for the manifestations of the sons of God. therefore let us come back home, this is a call to the body of christ worldwide, as the year end let us come back home.