Impartation Publication Articles

There are many ways to communicate the kinds of things that will bring life.
Jesus spoke and read the Words of God. Later, the Words Jesus spoke and that
the Holy Spirit inspired were written down for us to read. The Lord continues
to use writing to communicate to us in these days. These articles are not the
inspired Word of God (additions to the scriptures) but they are inspired by the
Word of God and by the Holy Spirit

As we minister, we are often inspired to write down teachings and thoughts
that can encourage and promote the lives of those who read them. It is the Word
of God and the inspiration of the Holy Ghost that form the foundation and
source of these articles. All the messages in these pages come out of the
overflow of our ministry. May the Lord bless you as you read and meditate on
these things.

Impartation - Volume 1
Impartation - Volume 2
Impartation - Volume 3
Impartation - Volume 4