We encourage you to take your time reading and praying about these prophetic messages. God speaks to us all in a variety of ways. Prophecy is one of the more dynamic ways that He shares His heart with us. We are often challenged. Our faith is stirred. We can be comforted and assured that He understands who we are and what we need from Him and what He needs from us. Sometimes we can be corrected and chastened, but always because of His great love for us. If we take prophecy lightly they will lightly affect us, but if we sincerely wait on the Lord in the light of His wisdom and instruction through the revelation of the Holy Spirit we can greatly benefit.
God wants the best for us in all things. I pray that these messages will help secure you in God's best, that you will know the grace and love of the Lord in His care for you, and that your faith will be strengthened to be all that you can be in Christ Jesus.

Every Blessing, Darryl Rodman

Do Not Cast Away Your Confidence
Prophetic Instructions
Accept no substitutes!
Bless the Lord!
Delight in the Lord in prayer
Do you know who you are?
God is all you need
God is Reaching Out to You!
Let God establish you
Let God order your steps
Let the Lord open your eyes
Set your house in order!
The everlasting God
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