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Periodically it is good for us to examine our course of actions to see if we are still on the course that we started out on when we said "Yes" to the call of God in our lives.

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Collected from over 30 years of ministry, personal devotional time, and gatherings with other Christ followers, Heart Treasure - Volume One is finally here! International speaker Rev. Darryl Rodman from Impart Ministries was working on this legacy before his stroke and passing in 2012. Completed in 2014, Impart Ministries is excited to offer you a special pre order price of $19.99 plus $4 shipping and handling.

This first edition, hardcover, dust-jacketed volume contains nearly 200 poignant quotes paired with scripture. These thoughts will build your faith, release your destiny, and bring reformation to your life. Quick responses are provided for you to circle, while journaling space provided for you to reflect more in depth. This multi style format allows you to actively grow in your walk with your heavenly Father and fulfill His destiny for your life.

Let's keep in mind that the real Jesus works with the real us, not our want to be us. We need to be real with God if we really want His life to bring real change in us.

Heart Treasure - Volume One is available for order now!